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What employers need to know to comply with the new CAL/OSHA COVID-19 regulation to protect employees and avoid serious citations and costly penalties. 

This comprehensive and informative training will cover:

  • Establish, implement, and maintain an effective written COVID-19 Prevention Program. A Model program will be available.
  • Implementing effective policies and procedures to correct unsafe and unhealthy conditions.
  • Providing and ensuring workers wear face coverings to prevent exposure in the workplace.
  • Provide effective training and instruction to employees on how COVID-19 is spread, infection prevention techniques, and information regarding COVID-19-related benefits.
  • The requirements when there‚Äôre multiple COVID-19 infections and COVID-19 outbreaks.
  • Protocols for COVID-19 testing for employees who might have been exposed at the workplace.
  • Notification requirements to the local health department and/or other government agencies
  •  Recordkeeping and reporting COVID-19 cases